16 November 2016

What I've been Reading: October 2016.

Wow, wow, wow. Where do I even start with Girls On Fire by Robin Wasserman?! This book is so dark and fucked up but I could not put it down! The book centers on Hannah and Lacey who bond over their shared hatred of Nikki Drummond and continue to form a devoted, if unsettling, friendship. This book isn't going to be for everyone (It contains scenes of sex, violence and satanism) but it's one of the best books I've read all year!

Addison Moore is an author I hadn't previously heard of but this book was recommended to me on amazon. I was instantly drawn in by the cover, very reminiscent of the 80s, the era which the book is set in. The book revolves around Melissa Malinowski, who gets run over by Joel Miller right before the start of her junior year. With her leg in a cast, Joel offers to drive her to school. Add to all this, Kelly, Joel's girlfriend, who isn't happy with that arrangement. This is the first book in the Totally 80s Romance series but you don't need to read them all if you don't want to as they all center on different people at the same high school.

This possibly might be my new favourite series. The Friends series by Monica Murphy start with a prequel, which is a super quick read, set over one party, one night and introduces you to all the prominent characters that will be in the series. One Night is currently free on kindle or to read on Wattpad. Just Friends centers on Liv and her best friends, Emily & Dustin. Liv has hooked up with Dustin a few times and he's made no secret of the fact that he wants a relationship with her. After the summer apart, everything changes and Liv finds herself without the two people she thought were her friends. Then there's Ryan, who is there to pick up the pieces. There's a few appearances from Tuttle and Amanda, who were my favourite from the prequel and are the main focus of the next book, More Than Friends. I dare you to read the prequel and not fall for Tuttle!

What have you read last month?

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