3 November 2018

Los Angeles: A Food Diary.

One of the things I'm missing most about our trip to LA is the food. I thought I'd do a post detailing where and what we ate throughout our holiday. A seperate Disneyland one is coming soon!

This is near the harbour in Long beach and we stopped here for lunch. We both has brisket sandwiches plus a side of mac 'n' cheese. The sidewinder fries that came with them were perfect. Service was great and they were really generous with the amount of brisket on the sandwiches.

We stayed in Eagle rock which is sandwiched between Glendale and Pasadena so we ventured to both of these cities quite regularly. We ate at Foxys quite late and didn't really enjoy our meals much. I had chicken cordon bleu and found the mashed potato quite sloppy and Glenn was underwhelmed with his burger. Our one place we didn't like.

Zoo Grill, Los Angeles Zoo.
Can't really go wrong with chicken tenders and fries, especially with an endless supply of ranch for dipping!

I knew I wanted to visit The Cheesecake Factory when we were planning our trip but we both ended up liking it so much, we ate here four times in total. Three times in Pasadena and once in Garden Walk, Anaheim. Glenn was obsessed with the complimentary honey oat bread. We tried multiple things including burgers, steaks and chicken. All were amazing.

Krusty Burger, Cletus' Chicken Shack & Moe's Tavern, Universal Studios Hollywood.
Pretty standard theme park grub but not bad for the price. 

Glenn had his heart set on eating at Tony Roma's so when we found out there was one at Universal CityWalk, it was a no brainer. Glenn went for ribs, which is what they're most known for but I went for a turkey cheddar melt instead.

Eggslut was also on my list to go to so I was pretty happy to find there was one nearby in Glendale. A small menu but perfectly done, we really impressed.

Honestly, one of the best pastas I've ever had. This restaurant is in prime position, situated near the fountain at The Grove. One of the more fancier meals of the trip!

Fat Sal's, Hollywood.
This one sandwich alone contains roast beef, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, fries, mayo and gravy. The sandwiches here are insane but they taste amazing. I knew this was a must visit as soon as I saw the menu a few months before our holiday. I loved it, but Glenn thought the sandwich was a bit excessive, though they do have more normal sized sandwiches too.

This is near to Sony Studios so we stopped here for lunch after the tour. I had the grilled cheese which you can have with either pulled pork or brisket. I went for pulled pork and Glenn had the Brisket sandwich. We had a side of onion rings with ranch. Really nice!

The best burger ever? We both thought so. We both had the truffle burger and it was amazing. Service was quick and the restaurant itself is in the main shopping area of Pasadena. There is also an express version of Umami in the food court at LAX so we each had another truffle burger before our flight back to the UK.

We stopped here during brunch hours. Glenn went for the french dip sandwich and I went full on american brunch. I had The Bubba- Fried chicken, bacon, cheese, sausage gravy and a fried egg on a buttermilk biscuit with tater tots. I loved it here!

Lemonade is a big chain in LA and while the food here isn't really for us, we did stop for lemonade as it was a roasting hot day... at least for us Brits. The blood orange lemonade was great.

If you can't have country fried steak for breakfast in America, when can you?! Our first experience of IHOP and we really liked it.

Full Throttle Sports Bar, Six Flags Magic Mountain.
Nice table service restaurant in Magic Mountain. Usual theme park food but done to a higher standard.

Really near to Warner Brothers Studios, we stopped here for breakfast before the tour. Really nice with great service, this is a typical american diner.

I've never seen such an extensive breakfast menu like the one Bea Bea's has. But the tagline for the restaurant is 'breakfast is everything' and oh yeah, it is. A must stop for breakfast in LA. We actually tried to eat here on a Saturday morning but it was so busy! That was the day we went to Bob's for breakfast instead. We tried again a couple of days later on a Monday and it was a lot easier to get a table but still busy.

Have you ate at any of these restaurants?


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