18 October 2018

We Got Engaged at Disneyland!

About a month ago, Glenn and I were preparing to fly out to Los Angeles. Glenn lets me do all the research about places to eat, where to stay and all that jazz.

But Glenn kept a plan to himself!

For our last five nights we stayed in Anaheim and bought five-day Disneyland tickets. On our first night there, we had a dinner reservation at Cafe Orleans and then just had a wander around the park. Glenn was adamant on getting a selfie in front of the castle, even though he isn't really that much of a Disney park person, but that's just what you do at Disney isn't it?
It was just part of his plan! Someone offered to take a photo of us for us, and as soon as Glenn got down on one knee, they started recording it so we can look back on this moment forever.

We're engaged!

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