13 May 2018

Glossybox VS Birchbox, May 2018.

If you're a regular reader here, you might have realised that I haven't been particularly impressed with Birchbox as a whole. I was already subbed to Glossybox and saw a Groupon deal for a year subscription to Birchbox so thought it would be interesting to compare the two for the duration of a year. It's only really cemented my love for Glossybox and made me regret buying that Groupon. Maybe May can turn it around?!

Birchbox costs £10 plus £2.95 postage on a month to month basis. The box includes 5 items, all sample or travel sizes. No full sizes here!

Doucce Luscious Lip Stain in Steaming Red
Firstly, let's discuss the shade name... Nothing about the shade is red! It's more of a pink-toned nude. Subscribers could choose between the two shades but I wasn't bothered and I just clicked surprise me. It would be interesting to see what the other shade, Amber Rose, looks like it comparison to this. This is a standard liquid lipstick, dries down matte and seems to have good staying power. Just a shame it's so small.

Greenfrog Botanic Geranium & Peppermint Botanical Bodywash
This is something I won't be keeping. I don't have a problem with it but the description says it's great for psoriasis and this is something my Dad suffers with, so I think he'll find this useful.

Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm
This is interesting and I'll be definitely giving it a go! If I like it, I'll probably by a full size as £7.99 doesn't sound too bad of a price.

Marcelle New Age Precision 8-in-1 Power Serum
I've already got a few serums to work my way through but these small samples definitely come in handy for travelling or weekend trips.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
I just got a full sized fat version of this in April's Glossybox and I didn't keep that so I won't be keeping this either. I don't wear eyeliner that often, so I don't need anymore when I already have my favourites.

Glossybox costs £10 plus £3.25 postage on a month to month basis. This month includes 3 full size products, 2 travel sizes and an extra bonus sample!

Gelspa Just For Feet- Luxury Jelly Foot Soak (Full size RRP £4.99)
This sounds great, I just need to get a bowl or something to do it in. The box includes two sachets, one to turn water into your jelly soak and the other to turn it back into liquid so you can dispose of it.

Maria Nila True Soft Shampoo & Conditioner (Travel size RRP £3.98 each)
I've passed these on as the back says they're great for dry hair and mine is oily but for travel sizes, they're quite generous.

Trifle cosmetics Praline Palette (Full size RRP £15.55)
This is a cute little palette. I hadn't tried anything by Trifle Cosmetics before so I didn't know what kind of quality to expect but I was very happy when I swatched the shades. My favourite is definitely the coppery shade on the end. This would be a good palette for travelling as it's so dinky but still has 6 shades in, albeit no matte shades.

Kueshi Double Effect Makeup Remover for Eyes & Sensitive Areas (Full size RRP £10.50)
I'm always happy to have more makeup remover, especially ones this size which would be great for travel. This even works on waterproof makeup too so I'll be reaching for this a lot.

We Are Tea Earl Grey Supreme Black Tea
I'm so common when it comes to tea, if it ain't breakfast tea, I'm not having it. It's nice to get a extra bonus treat though and I know this is something Glossybox tends to do quite regularly, like the chocolates in the December box.

As usual, Glossybox is my favourite for another month. I expect the same next month, truth be told. I already know I'll be cancelling Birchbox when my year subscription comes to an end.

I'm not too bothered about wither of the sneak peeks for next month, but if you're interested, this is what we'll be getting in June.

What do you think to May's boxes? Do you get either of these?


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