6 February 2018

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette.

I've been meaning to do a post about this palette since christmas, as this was one of my presents. I was going to buy this myself using Debenhams vouchers I'd had for my birthday but they'd already sold out by that time. Lucky for me, my boyfriend ordered it from America as he knew I wanted it!

In the lead up to christmas day, he actually kept dropping hints about how well he'd done this year and how much I would love it. When I asked if it was the Saint & Sinner palette, his poker face didn't slip at all! When he started filming on his phone when I was unwrapping it, my immediate thought was that it was some elaborate proposal! It obviously wasn't but theres always next year...

It's such a beautiful palette that I just wanted to keep it pristine a while longer before getting swatch happy for a blog post. I've seen online a few people have been depotting the shadows so they can arrange them in an order that makes more sense to them but I would never want to do that as the packaging is gorgeous.

I'm really impressed with the quality of the shadows. These are the first eyeshadows I've tried by Kat Von D and they're probably some of the most pigmented shadows I've ever used.

I definitely prefer the right side of the palette, I'm all about the bright colours recently.

L-R: Amen, Sacred Heart, Chalice, Immaculate, Worship, Absolution.

L-R: Baptism, Rosary, Cathedral, Crucifix, Heaven, Sanctuary.

L-R: Revelation, Devil, Martyr, Ashes, Sabbath, Rapture.

L-R: Stigmata, Relic, Exorcism, Exodus, Ministry, Vestment.

Those last 6 shades though! How stunning are those shimmer shades?
I love Kat Von D as a brand, I've been impressed with everything I've tried so far and I definitely need some more KVD in my life!

Have you tried any KVD eyeshadow palettes?

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