29 May 2017

Look Incredible Deluxe Box, May 2017.

Yet again, Look Incredible have pulled it out the bag with their deluxe box. If anything, the standard of products seems to get better each month! The box costs £35 per month with postage included and you get 4 to 5 full size products, no sample sizes here! They also do a standard beauty box, which costs £25 a month including postage. The products inside that are also full size but not quite as high end.

The item I'm most excited about it the Too Faced Totally Cute Palette (RRP £32) which includes stickers to customise the outside. This is the second eyeshadow palette from Too faced in the past six months and I love both of them. Too Faced are one of my favourite brands so I'm very excited to have gotten this. Also the RRP is only £3 off the total value you pay for the box, which just shows what excellent value this subscription is.

I'm already working my way through a massive amount of body lotions but I like the sound of the No 7 Completely Quenched Moisturising Body Lotion. (RRP £12.99) As someone who suffers from dry skin, this sounds like it will be an absolute saviour! I like the smell too, which is great as scents in beauty boxes can be a bit hit and miss sometimes.

I'm definitely a bit of a junkie when it comes to lip products so I was happy to see the Laura Geller Love Me Matte Lip Crayon in Guava Lust (RRP £17.99). This is a lovely product as although it has a matte finish, the formula is very creamy and not at all drying. I  would have preferred a different shade though as this colour is very similar to the Tarte lip paint I got in last month's box. Thanks to Look Incredible, I've discovered a love for Laura Geller Products.

I was shocked to see the Dior Diorshow Khol (RRP £19.50) in the box. Motherflippin' Dior in a beauty box?! Are you kidding me?! I'm definitely going to  get a lot of use out of this for the perfect smoky eye.

I'm really pleased with the Lancome Le Sourcil Pro Eye Pencil (RRP £19.99) which has a brow pencil on end and a highlighter on the other. The brow pencil is  brown so won't be suited to everyone but it works well on me.

L-R: Laura Geller Lip crayon, Dior khol, Lancome brown pencil, Lancome highlighter.

The total worth of this month's box is £102.47, which is great value for £35. If you want to found out more about these boxes you can visit the Look Incredible website here.

What do you think to May's box?

14 May 2017

What I've Been Reading: April 2017.

I got this as a kindle pre-release on amazon for 99p and I didn't quite know what to expect from it. In the end, I'm so glad I chose this over the other prereleases on offer that month! This was great and the two times I guessed what was going to happen were both wrong. One of my favourite books from last month, a definite recommend.

This was a book I was very eager for as I'd been loving the Friends series by Monica Murphy. I'm not sure if this is the last book in the series or not but it ties everything up nicely. Like the previous book, this one focuses on Jordan and Amanda who are my favourite couple in the series. I really hope there are more books to come though as there are a few characters who haven't been given their moment to shine yet!

How gorgeous is the cover of this book! I really enjoyed this book. It starts with the main character, Jill, waking up in hospital after being involved in a car crash on a school trip which she has no memory of. Her best friend was also in the car but died and witness statements say it looked like the car was crashed on purpose. As the reader we get to read police interviews and statements as we, as well as Jill, are left wondering if she did crash the car on purpose and why she would be compelled to do such. Such a good read!

This was my most easy read of the month. Pretty predictable but nice and lighthearted, with a little humour added in for good measure. I won't be reading the rest of the books in the series as it didn't blow me away but this would be a beach read for the summer.

My other favourite of the month. I read through this so quickly, I could hardly put it down. Hannah hardly suffers from anxiety and hardly goes out. The book starts as new neighbours move into the house opposite to her own. She's able to see into their home and thinks the daughter, April is in danger from her parents. April seems withdrawn, quiet and even holds up a sign saying 'Help' up to her bedroom window so that Hannah can see it. I wouldn't have been able to predict the ending of this book even if I'd tried but the twist you won't see coming is what makes this book so great! If I had to choose only one book I read from last month to pass on to others, it would be this one!

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