24 December 2016

Look Incredible Deluxe Box, December 2016.

I'm very happy to have restarted my subscription to Look Incredible's deluxe box. They've got an amazing edition this month, which was all the persuading I needed. The deluxe box costs £35 per month and you get 5 full size products.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks x2 (RRP £13)
I've used these before as I got 2 in a deluxe box during summer and also from a cohorted box earlier on in the year. I really enjoy using these though I can't say I noticed a massive difference after using them.

Spa Retreats Signature Nourishing Hand Cream (RRP £13)
My hands suffer from dry skin, especially during winter yet I totally slack off when it comes to hand cream. I'm hoping this will make me get more into a routine when it comes to taking care of my hands.

Smashbox Photo Angle Gel Liner (RRP £18)
I used to be mad for eyeliner, it was the one makeup product I couldn't live without. These days I hardly use it. I'd never used a gel liner before but I gave this ago and I quite like it. I definitely need some more practice if I'm going to be using it a lot more. I can't do flicks the way I used to!

Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette (RRP £32)
The main reason I wanted the deluxe box! As with all Too Faced products, I love the packaging of this. Too Faced just can't do any wrong in my eyes. I'm looking forward to using this as I love Too Faced palettes.

Laura Mercier Lip Colour in Maya (RRP £22)
My favourite part of any beauty box is always going to be the lip product so I'm ecstatic with this! I hadn't used any Laura Mercier products before but I had high hopes. The packaging is gorgeous and the actual shade is something I would have chosen myself. Maya is described as a tangerine pink and it's very autumnal. Probably not the best for this time of year but I've been getting into orange and coral lip shades a lot recently as it complements my pale skin and dark hair. The lipstick itself is very moisturising and lasts on the lips, even after eating.

Look Incredible have totally pulled it out the bag this month, I'm hoping for a similar standard in January's box. What do you to December's edition?

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18 December 2016

Look Incredible Box, December 2016.

Another month, another Look Incredible box. Look Incredible's standard box costs £18.99 per month plus another £2.50 postage. The boxes are sent through Royal Mail's tracked service so you can see where your box is at every stage of delivery. I love when it gets to the local delivery office and I know it will be delivered that same day!

Let's look at what was in the box!

Spa Retreats Signature Smoothing Body Scrub (RRP £15)
We had a Spa Retreats product in last month's box but I hated it. Rose scents, eugh, just no! But this is a scent I like. It isn't too strong or over powering so I'll definitely be keeping this one.

No 7 Intense Volume Mascara (RRP £9.99)
There was a different No 7 mascara in a Look Incredible box during the summer. I believe it was the excellent definition mascara (or something along those lines anyway!) and I loved that. It'll be interesting to see how this one holds up in comparison. I haven't opened this yet as I've already got a load of other mascaras on the go but the reviews online seem promising.

Korres Zea Mays Blush in Apricot (RRP £14.50)
This isn't a shade I would normally go for but I quite like this. The blush is velvet smooth with a luminous finish and the size is pretty decent too.

Buxom Full Bodied Lip Gloss in Sha-Bang (RRP £16)
I'm definitely more of a lipstick girl than a gloss girl but I like this one as it is very pigmented. It's got a nice minty scent with pout plumping effect.

Laura Geller Creme Sheers Lip Colour in Rich Pomegranate (RRP £21)
I was very happy when I saw the colour of this. A nice red for the chistmas season! And then I swatched it... True to it's name, it is a sheer wash of colour so wasn't the red I was hoping it to be. It's still a nice colour and I will use it but I think Look Incredible missed an opportunity here!

L - R: Buxom Lipgloss, Laura Geller Lip Colour & Korres Blush.

This will be the last standard box I get from Look Incredible (at least for now) as I've restarted my deluxe subscription. It's definitely worth it for an extra £13.50 and I shouldn't have let the one disappointing box put me off. I got both boxes this month so there is another post still to come!

Do you get any of the Look Incredible boxes? What did you think to December's editions?

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17 December 2016

What I've Been Reading: November 2016.

If you're missing GBBO, you'll definitely enjoy this. Paul Hollywood himself even makes a cameo! Ellie is happily married and her husband has made no secret of the fact that he thinks they're ready to start trying for a baby. But is Ellie ready? Does she even want a baby? Easy read and fairly cheap as an ebook on Amazon.

This book is set in a reality where some children are born with powers and abilities that normal children aren't. These children are known as defective and sent to the institute. Allira's brother is defective and her family have spent their lives moving so they can protect him. That changes the night Allira witnesses a car crash and pulls two teenage boys from the car. I liked this book, just not enough to immediately jump into the rest of the books in the series.

Dark Magic is the sixth and final book in the Clearwater Witches series. I read the other five books during the summer and I loved them so this was downloaded on my kindle as soon as I realised it was out. The final book wraps everything up nicely though it wasn't quite what I was expecting.

If you read my post for what I read in October, you'll know that the prequel and the first book of the Friends series by Monica Murphy were on that list. The Second book came out in November and, bonus! It centers on Tuttle and Amanda, who are undoubtedly my favourite couple of the series. I can't wait to read more!

Now, usually when I don't like a book, I'll give up on it and stop reading. For some reason, I kept reading this when I really should of stopped. It must of been the high rating it has on GoodReads, I was convinced it was going to get better the longer I read. Unfortunately, it didn't. It focuses on Kat and Gavin, her teacher. They meet and hook up on her eighteenth birthday without realising she will be one of his students. The problem for me is that this book involves so many cliches and tropes. Kat has the worst life possible (Alcoholic mom, getting gang raped, getting pregnant from that, losing the baby and then working as a stripper) and meeting Gavin just somehow fixes it all?! This book just was not for me but I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt. Thumbs down.

Moving on to a book I actually loved! Ryen and Misha are pen pals from different schools. They were paired with each other when they were both mistaken for the opposite sex. For the seven years they've been writing to each other, they've never met and had a no social media rule in place. That changes when Misha sees Ryen's name mentioned in a video he watches on Facebook. I don't want to give too much away so all I will say is that this book blew me away! Definite must read!

There are the first two books in the New England Witch Chronicles series. They're quick and easy reads. The series centers on Alexandria as she heads towards her sixteenth birthday. A local girl from another school has disappeared and been found hung it the local woods. The rumours are that the girl was involved in witchcraft. Alexandria has a nightmare as if she was living the missing girls final moments, along with a reoccurring nightmare of being chased through the cemetary. There are four books in the series and it's a series I'd recommend.  

6 December 2016

Are Groupon Holidays Worth It? A Trip To Disneyland Paris.

At the start of November, I had a short getaway to visit Disneyland Paris with one of my besties. We booked the trip through Groupon, something I'd never done before... But was it worth it?

The Groupon deal included a two night hotel stay, flights from the airport of your choice and a 1 day 2 park ticket. The deal cost £169 per person and we each paid a £40 supplement to change our flight times as they were originally at 5am!

The deal didn't include transfers but the Magical Shuttle runs from the airports to the resort. Unfortunately for us, our flight arrived in Paris too late to take advantage of this so we booked our own private transfer with T2 Transfer which cost 130 including the return journey.

We stayed at Kyraid Disneyland Paris which is one of the Disney sponsored hotels with shuttle buses running to and from the park every ten minutes. The room was pretty basic but we hardly spent any time in the room apart from the evening. With a lot of the Groupon deals, you won't get a choice in which hotel you stay in so before booking a deal, I'd suggest checking tripadvisor reviews for an honest look at the hotels included in a holiday deal.

Another supplement option in the deal was for breakfast at the hotel but we said no to this. Disney Village has plenty of places to eat and we had breakfast at Starbucks and Annette's Diner. The diner breakfast was incredible value and something I'd recommend. There's plenty of places to eat inside the parks too. We ate at Hakuna Matata Restaurant which is fast food but with massive portions! We visted Planet Hollywood in Disney Village after Park closing for a sit down meal.

The downside to having just one day to do both parks meant we didn't get to see everything, including the live shows and character meet and greets. We did manage to see Disney Magic On Parade and Disney Dreams though. The queues for the rides were very short as we visited between Halloween ending and Christmas starting, though some rides were closed for maintenance. Christmas preparations were well underway with decorations already appearing over the park.

The main thing with a Groupon holiday is flexibility. You will need to be flexible with your travel dates. When booking, you will need to pick a date band and check the terms and conditions for dates that aren't available in that date band. You then have to fill in a form with your Groupon voucher after booking and the agent will ring you to confirm at a time of your choosing. It took us a while to work out which dates we could do and when the agent rang us, the dates we wanted weren't doable. Another phonecall later, we'd decided on another date and our holiday was booked!

There was a lot of back and forth with booking but in my opinion, it was definitely worth it. It was my first time on a plane, Disneyland was magical and I had an amazing time with one of my favourite people.

Have you been on any Groupon Holidays? What did you think?
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