20 November 2016

Look Incredible Box, November 2016.

The November Look Incredible box was waiting for me when I got home from a few days away and it was my first box since I made the decision to change back from the deluxe box to the standard box. After seeing the contents of both boxes, I honestly feel like I made the right decision, though the lineup of the deluxe box is still impressive... Much better than last month.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (RRP £19)
This is one pricey lip balm! I got the Passion lip treatment which is a tinted lip balm, which leaves a sheer wash of red which is appropriate considering how near we are to christmas now! From seeing other posts on this box, some people got  tinted ones and some got the normal lip treatment. I'm definitely going to use this but I would have preferred the non-tinted one.

Lord & Berry Lipstick Crayon in Diva (RRP £10)
This is the first Lord & Berry product I've ever tried but I really like it so far. Diva is a dark plum colour, the sort of shade I'd have picked out myself if I had a choice so I was very pleased.

No 7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum (RRP £14.99)
This is a product I'll be passing onto my mum as it's supposed to reduce wrinkles and age spots.

Spa Retreats Indulgence Moisturising Body Cream (RRP £16)
Another product I'll be passing on. Rose scents are not for me at all. This is a massive tub so while not for me, it's nice to see this in the box.

Korres Sunflower & Evening Primrose Eyeshadow in Bronze Brown (RRP £10)
I love the shade of this eyeshadow. This is my second Korres product in a Look Incredible box and I've been impressed with both.

The total value of November's box falls at just under £70, which is amazing considering the box costs £21.49 including postage. What did you think to this month's offering?

16 November 2016

What I've been Reading: October 2016.

Wow, wow, wow. Where do I even start with Girls On Fire by Robin Wasserman?! This book is so dark and fucked up but I could not put it down! The book centers on Hannah and Lacey who bond over their shared hatred of Nikki Drummond and continue to form a devoted, if unsettling, friendship. This book isn't going to be for everyone (It contains scenes of sex, violence and satanism) but it's one of the best books I've read all year!

Addison Moore is an author I hadn't previously heard of but this book was recommended to me on amazon. I was instantly drawn in by the cover, very reminiscent of the 80s, the era which the book is set in. The book revolves around Melissa Malinowski, who gets run over by Joel Miller right before the start of her junior year. With her leg in a cast, Joel offers to drive her to school. Add to all this, Kelly, Joel's girlfriend, who isn't happy with that arrangement. This is the first book in the Totally 80s Romance series but you don't need to read them all if you don't want to as they all center on different people at the same high school.

This possibly might be my new favourite series. The Friends series by Monica Murphy start with a prequel, which is a super quick read, set over one party, one night and introduces you to all the prominent characters that will be in the series. One Night is currently free on kindle or to read on Wattpad. Just Friends centers on Liv and her best friends, Emily & Dustin. Liv has hooked up with Dustin a few times and he's made no secret of the fact that he wants a relationship with her. After the summer apart, everything changes and Liv finds herself without the two people she thought were her friends. Then there's Ryan, who is there to pick up the pieces. There's a few appearances from Tuttle and Amanda, who were my favourite from the prequel and are the main focus of the next book, More Than Friends. I dare you to read the prequel and not fall for Tuttle!

What have you read last month?

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14 November 2016

Product Empties #5.

I've gotten few a fair things for this empties post, including a few of my all time favourites.

Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
This was my first ever time using Fizzbanger and I loved it. The scent, the colour, the Bang label inside... what's not to like?!

Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb
Probably Lush's most adorable looking bath bomb and a total bargain at under £2. I used this with Magic wand for a gorgeous bath.

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb
Always a lush repurchase for me! It turns your bath into the most gorgeous blue colour with glitter and popping candy.

Lush Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil
When it comes to Lush Bath oils, I prefer Floating Island but picked this up as it shares it's scent with Snow Fairy. Leaves your skin super soft and turns the water a peachy pink colour.

Lush Heart Throb Bubbleroon
I picked this up from the kitchen section of Lush. I believe this first made an appearance for Valentines 2015 but only returned in the kitchen and Oxford Street this year. This made a massive amount of bubbles and would be something I'd like to use again.

Thumbs Up Designer Nail Wraps
I got these in a subscription box and was interested in trying them out. I hadn't used nail wraps before but they were easy to apply and had a nice design. They went a but wrinkly on my nail after I applied a top coat so I'm not sure what went wrong!

Avon Magix Face Perfector
This is one of my favourite primers and I already have a new tube ready to go! It creates a nice base for foundation and definitely reduces the appearance of my pores.

Marc Jacobs Lola EDT
I got this sample in a Cohorted box a while ago. This scent is not for me, I really disliked it! Thumbs down.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
This is hands down my favourite drugstore foundation and one I buy again & again. I have the palest shade and true to name, it matches my skin tone perfectly.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
I get super dry lips, especially in winter, so lip scrubs are an essential. I prefer the bubblegum one, which I've bought now this one has ran out.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I normally flick between using this or L'oreal's micellar water. Absolute essential and already repurchased!

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo
I love the scent of this shampoo and it's one of my absolute faves. Love the fact you can buy this in a mini travel size now too.

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodourant
I mean, what can I really say? It does it's job!

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks
I've had few of these out of beauty boxes and I like using them but for the price, this isn't something I would buy myself.

6 November 2016

Look Incredible Deluxe Box, October 2016.

When I heard that the October edition of Look Incredible's deluxe box was going to be a collab with WhichBeautyBoxUK, I was beyond excited. I'm a regular follower of her blog so my expectations for this box were set pretty high.

Unfortunately this box just didn't live up to it, but that's just me.

Japonesque Makeup Setting Spray (RRP £29)
I'd never heard of this brand before but the RRP of this seems pretty hefty for a setting spray! I'll definitely be using this more often to see how it compares to cheaper sprays. I've only used it once so far but it did the job!

MAC Upward Lash Mascara (RRP £19)
This is definitely the saving grace of this box! I hadn't tried any Mac mascaras previously so I was excited to try this. OMG, I love it! It kept my lashes curled all day, which is a rarity for me! I'll be reaching for this a lot more in the coming months.

Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Rollerball (RRP £17)
The first product I'm a little miffed by... I don't understand why this is in the box at all! This rollerball contains tea tree oil, peppermint oil and eucalyptus with the idea that you roll it on your pulse points to maintain easy breathing during colds or flu. So no cold, no use for this! Even when I do have a cold, I won't be reaching for this as I'd like to smell of my chosen perfume, not tea tree oil! Pass the vick stick instead to help me breathe!

Too Faced Perfect Lips Liner in Perfect Pink (RRP  £15)
This is something I'll definitely be using. Perfect Pink is a dusky pink and the colour I probably would have picked myself if I'd been given a choice. I'm definitely loving all the Too Faced that's been appearing in Look Incredible over the last few months.

Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleasing Towelettes x 2 (RRP10?!)
Here's where the box really goes downhill for me! Two travel packs of makeup wipes... Firstly, they are clearly not worth £10 but I think the RRP of these have been bumped to to make the overall value seem more than the standard box. These would have been better in the standard box, not a box that costs £35. Yes, I will use these wipes but I don't get why they were chosen to go in the box in the first place.

The deluxe box from Look Incredible is usually very makeup heavy, something that made me change to the deluxe from the standard box. This box just wasn't worth the extra money when compared to October's standard box, which is more consistent month after month. So I've cancelled my deluxe subscription and will be getting the standard box again!

Do you have any Look Incredible boxes? What did you think to October's offerings?