19 July 2016

Look Incredible Box, July 2016.

Look Incredible has easily become my favourite beauty box, so much that I'm considering signing up for the deluxe box as well as the standard one. I'm very happy with July's box, with one exception. Lets look at what was inside!

Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure Set (RRP £9.99)
Lets get this one out of the way first of all, as this is the product I'm not impressed by. We had another Ciate set last month which was okay, but this one... No. This is not my cup of tea at all and being honest, I'm getting sick of having a nail product every single month. The set includes a neon polish, a neon glitter and a blacklight top coat which shows up under UV lighting. This is most definitely going to be given away.

Giorgio Armani Supreme Lasting Wet Lip Shine in Beige 101 (RRP??)
The card included states this should be an eye pencil but instead we have this lip gloss. I'm glad I got the gloss instead as I don't use eye pencils that much. This is my first Armani product, it's so so pretty! I'm not one for clear glosses, I like them to have some colour so I'll probably layer this over a lipstick.

Urban Decay Lush Lash System (RRP £28)
I haven't owned any Urban Decay products since they've been marketed as high end. I remember the days when they were in the cheaper section of boots and I swore by their foundation that was about £15. How times have changed! I'm interested to try this out. The clear gel supposedly accelerates growth and the other end is a conditioning mask. Given the retail price of this product, I'm hoping to see a difference.

Nanshy Marvel 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge (RRP £5.95)
I've used this a couple of times since receiving the box and so far, I'm very impressed. This is going to be a bold statement but I think I prefer this over my Real Techniques sponge! My makeup base has been looking flawless thanks to this. Super, super happy. Good job Look Incredible!

Ultrasun Sports SPF50 Sun Protection (RRP £24.99)
As someone who is very pale and burns easily, I was very pleased to see this in the box. I know a few people had leaky bottles and Look Incredible sent out replacements for these. I didn't realise until taking it out the plastic, that I had a leaky one too! It's now living in one of the cup holders in my car where I don't mind it leaking slightly, which is why there's no photo of the product. I used this over the weekend on a day out at Alton Towers and I'm giving it a thumbs up, I didn't turn pink at all!

Another good month from Look Incredible, I can't wait to see what's in next month's.

Do you get the Look Incredible box? What was your favourite product?


  1. I honestly really want to try that sponge, especially since you found it to be amazing! I really want to try the original beauty blender, but considering the price difference, that one might be worth giving a go! :) x


    1. Yeah, that's the reason I've not tried the original beauty blender too it but the Nanshy one 👌🏻 X