27 May 2016

Something a little different. (The Milso Tag)

Please excuse the questionable dipdye hair...
So today's post is not beauty related, nor are there no mentions of TV shows or books to be found. Today's post is about something... Well, someone, a lot closer to my heart.

Unless you pay attention to my Instagram posts, you're probably in the dark about the fact that I'm with a military man which makes me a 'milso.' (Military Significant Other.) The milso tag has been floating around the internet for ages and while I haven't actually been tagged, I thought it would be interesting to do.
I actually had an anon question on tumblr about how long the process took Glenn to become part of the forces (around a year if you're wondering), but that question could have been sat in my inbox for a while... I'm completely guilty of going on tumblr purely to reblog the crap out of my OTPs. So sad.

1. What branch of the military is your significant other in?
British army, Queen's Royal Lancers.

2. How long have you been together?
Just gone four years.

3. Did you meet before or after he joined?
Before. We had friends in common but we only started dating when he was already in the process of joining.

4. What is the hardest part of being a milso?
It seems like such an obvious answer, but being apart is definitely the hardest.

5. When will you get to see your military man?
Next weekend. I'm very lucky at the moment, he's home most weekends now that he's based in the UK. He used to be based in North Germany, so this feels so easy now.

6. Do you two have a stable relationship?
We have our odd arguments and tiffs, but I think that's normal for any relationship.

7. Has he ever been deployed?
He spent a few months in Afganistan back in 2014. I cried when I found out he was going.

8. If so, how many times and where?

9. During deployment, do you struggle with being happy?
We managed to skype quite a bit and while I did feel down sometimes, I have some great friends who definitely picked me up when I needed it.

10. Has your relationship ever ended due to distance?
When he first left for phase one, we went 'on a break' a la Ross & Rachel purely because he didn't know how long it would be before we saw each other or if he would be able to ring me. That break only lasted two days so I'm not even sure if that counts!

11. Uniform or Civilian clothes?
He looks so handsome in his uniform and khakis but I'd go for civvies everytime.

12. Has he given you his dog tags to wear?
Definitely an American thing. Not really applicable here!

13. Do you enjoy dating a man in the military?
Being honest, if he was already a part of the forces when we'd started dating, it probably wouldn't have lasted. I guess the answer to this question is a no...
14. Do you ever wish you met someone who wasn't part of the military?
I did and he became a part of it. By that time, I was determined to keep hold of him, he's my lobster.

15. Do you cherish time with him more now that he's gone so much?
Definitely. But I miss being able to see him everyday.

16. Is he trustworthy and faithful?

17. Has he ever surprised you with homecomings?
Once when he got back from Afghanistan. I was under the impression I was going to his to see his mum while he was away but it was just a ploy to get me there to surprise me!

18. True or False. Real men wear combat boots.
It's all about the person wearing them, not the shoes on their feet!

19. Are you in love with your military man?
I wouldn't have stuck with him this long if I wasn't!

20. If you could say one thing to him right now, what would it be?
Love you!

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