28 May 2016

Little Known Box, May 2016.

Ahhh, it's here! The launch edition of Little Known box arrived this week and to say I was excited is an understatement. I love the idea of this box, to introduce you to unknown, emerging brands. Out of the five products in the first ever box, I'd only heard of one of the brands before so LKB are doing their job well!

If I had unaware that this was their first box, I definitely wouldn't have guessed it from the packaging. They have got this spot on, it's absolutely stunning. The black box is embossed with their logo in gold, and the tissue paper inside is tied up with ribbon covered in the same logo. They've even included a personalized card to thank you for subscribing! I can't fault the presentation at all.

Another thing that gets a big thumbs up from me is the discount codes included on the leaflet. There's a code for every brand included in the box, I'm definitely going to get some use out of those!

Thumbs Up Nail Wraps in Goldstone.
These wraps are full size and worth £7.99. I've only tried nail wraps once before and it was a disaster! I'm hoping these will be easier to use as I love the design, I just need to wait for my nails to grow a little longer first. I've had a look at their other designs since receiving this box and I will definitely buying some more if I can get to grips with applying these.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Eyelash Curlers.
Full size again and worth £7, that covers the cost of the box in just two products! These eyelash curlers are rose gold and limited edition. I feel like I'm the only person I know who doesn't have a rose gold obsession. I just don't get it...
That being said, I'm looking forward to using these. The only other curlers I own are both from Primark so these will probably do a better job to be honest!

Dirtea Exfoliating Peppermint Scrub.
I've never tried any tea based skincare products before so I'm excited about this one. The scrubs are available in three types, each designed to target different problems. This peppermint one is targeted towards acne and scarring. I probably would have preferred the one for stretch marks but I'll still be using this.

Flint + Flint Moisturiser 3x.
This moisturiser is full size and worth a whopping £42! I'd never heard of Flint + Flint before but the packaging is super sleek. Reviews for this product on their website are nothing but positive. I'm definitely impressed with LKB for including this, I can't wait to try it.

Medusa's Make Up Lip Gloss in Bite Me.
This was the first thing I picked up when I opened the box. I'd already heard of Medusa's Make Up before, I've been following the brand on Instagram for a while now but I've never bought or tried anything by the brand. I love the packaging of this, the drips kind of remind me of Kylie's lip kits, anyone else? I definitely want to try some more products from Medusa's, but I'll probably buy them from cutecosmetics.co.uk as the company is based in the UK.
Fingers crossed LKB include the other two brands I've been eyeing up for a while, Lunatick Labs and Pretty Zombie Cosmetics.

Little Known Box offer a few kinds of subscription. These include gift subscriptions, a monthly rolling subscription or a prepaid one, with the option of 3, 6, or 12 months. The box costs £14.95 a month if you opt for the monthly payment but the boxes cost slightly less if you go for a prepay one.

The launch edition has such a strong line up, it's better than I was expecting. I've subscription is due for renewal in August but if the next two boxes are on par with this, I'll probably change from a 3 month subscription to a 6 month or even a 12 month!

Click here to find out more about Little Known Box.

27 May 2016

Something a little different. (The Milso Tag)

Please excuse the questionable dipdye hair...
So today's post is not beauty related, nor are there no mentions of TV shows or books to be found. Today's post is about something... Well, someone, a lot closer to my heart.

Unless you pay attention to my Instagram posts, you're probably in the dark about the fact that I'm with a military man which makes me a 'milso.' (Military Significant Other.) The milso tag has been floating around the internet for ages and while I haven't actually been tagged, I thought it would be interesting to do.
I actually had an anon question on tumblr about how long the process took Glenn to become part of the forces (around a year if you're wondering), but that question could have been sat in my inbox for a while... I'm completely guilty of going on tumblr purely to reblog the crap out of my OTPs. So sad.

1. What branch of the military is your significant other in?
British army, Queen's Royal Lancers.

2. How long have you been together?
Just gone four years.

3. Did you meet before or after he joined?
Before. We had friends in common but we only started dating when he was already in the process of joining.

4. What is the hardest part of being a milso?
It seems like such an obvious answer, but being apart is definitely the hardest.

5. When will you get to see your military man?
Next weekend. I'm very lucky at the moment, he's home most weekends now that he's based in the UK. He used to be based in North Germany, so this feels so easy now.

6. Do you two have a stable relationship?
We have our odd arguments and tiffs, but I think that's normal for any relationship.

7. Has he ever been deployed?
He spent a few months in Afganistan back in 2014. I cried when I found out he was going.

8. If so, how many times and where?

9. During deployment, do you struggle with being happy?
We managed to skype quite a bit and while I did feel down sometimes, I have some great friends who definitely picked me up when I needed it.

10. Has your relationship ever ended due to distance?
When he first left for phase one, we went 'on a break' a la Ross & Rachel purely because he didn't know how long it would be before we saw each other or if he would be able to ring me. That break only lasted two days so I'm not even sure if that counts!

11. Uniform or Civilian clothes?
He looks so handsome in his uniform and khakis but I'd go for civvies everytime.

12. Has he given you his dog tags to wear?
Definitely an American thing. Not really applicable here!

13. Do you enjoy dating a man in the military?
Being honest, if he was already a part of the forces when we'd started dating, it probably wouldn't have lasted. I guess the answer to this question is a no...
14. Do you ever wish you met someone who wasn't part of the military?
I did and he became a part of it. By that time, I was determined to keep hold of him, he's my lobster.

15. Do you cherish time with him more now that he's gone so much?
Definitely. But I miss being able to see him everyday.

16. Is he trustworthy and faithful?

17. Has he ever surprised you with homecomings?
Once when he got back from Afghanistan. I was under the impression I was going to his to see his mum while he was away but it was just a ploy to get me there to surprise me!

18. True or False. Real men wear combat boots.
It's all about the person wearing them, not the shoes on their feet!

19. Are you in love with your military man?
I wouldn't have stuck with him this long if I wasn't!

20. If you could say one thing to him right now, what would it be?
Love you!

23 May 2016

Cohorted box, May 2016.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I cancelled my Cohorted subscription last month, making this my last box. This box was going to go one of two ways. I was either going to be so impressed that I'd regret cancelling or I'd be disappointed yet again. It's the latter. May's box contains four products, of which I'm only really excited about one... £35 well spent!

In my post for last month's Cohorted box, I touched briefly on the point that something had been wrong with every single box I'd had, whether that was the box being late, products missing or even just errors with the booklet. This month? The booklet contents is missing a product that is in the box, listing another product entirely. It lists Too Faced Selfie Powders as one of the products. I would have preferred this over the product that seemingly replaced it but I'm assuming this is a similar scenario to the one that occurred with February's box and the Pixi combo crayon.

The Balm Balm Voyage Vol. 2 Palette (RRP £37.50)
I was gutted to see this palette in the box as I already have it! I picked this up last month for £16.99 at TK Maxx and they still have these in stores still. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful palette but it's so easy to pick this up for a discounted price already that it just seems a but of a cop out to include this. I'm sure I'm not the only person who received the box who felt this way.

Hourglass Opague Rouge in Riviera (RRP £23)
This is the only product I could muster up some excitement for and even that dwindled slightly when I saw the shade. I'm going to keep it and I will wear it, but I wish I'd got the red or pink one instead! I'm loving liquid lipsticks at the moment (Isn't everyone?!) so this will be a nice addition to my collection.

Jimmy Choo EDT 4.5ml (RRP £10?!)
How cute is this? This mini of the Jimmy Choo perfume even comes in a mini version of the full size perfume! I have a hard time believing the stated RRP of this as while it is a big sample, it's still a sample!

HJ Manicure nail polish in Lavendar (RRP £9.50)
I' never heard of this brand before but this nail polish is cruelty free and vegan friendly. I'm not much of a nail polish girl so this just doesn't take my fancy. I'm sure this will get passed on to someone who will love it!

Sorry Cohorted. It's not you, it's me. You're just not doing it for me anymore.

6 May 2016

Look Incredible Box, May 2016.

I tried the Look Incredible box back in February but I couldn't justify having two beauty boxes every month. I decided to stick with just getting the Cohorted box.

Well, times have changed and last month, I cancelled my Cohorted subscription and started my Look Incredible one again! I went with the standard box rather than the deluxe one purely to save a few quid and while, yes, the deluxe box looks amazing... So is the standard one! (Also that 'saving a few quid' went down the drain with the recent launch of the Little Known Box. Has anyone else subscribed?)

The Look Incredible standard box is £18.99 plus £2.50 postage.

Claire's Nail polish set. (RRP £9)
A product I won't be keeping. Does anyone over the age of 14 even shop at Claire's Accessories?! These would make a nice little gift though.

Bellapierre Kabuki Brush (RRP £22.50)
This brush is so soft! It's a nice little addition to my make up brushes and I'm sure I'll be getting some use out of it.

Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Eye Primer (RRP £15)
I've never tried any Korres products before so this is something I'm excited about! This is supposedly crease resistant and long lasting with a matte finish. The card included in the box also says that it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to provide softer skin. I'm at the age where I'm starting to notice fine lines around my eyes so this primer sounds good to me!

BareMinerals Ready Blush in The French Kiss (RRP £22)
This is my favourite product from the box. It's been a while since I've had a new blusher to play around with and I've heard nothing but good things about BareMinerals' blushers. The French Kiss is a bright pink shade which probably wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but it sure is mine! It's very similar to the shade of my most reached for blush from Sleek, maybe this will be my most reached for now... We shall see! Very, very pleased with this.

Mac Patent Polish Lip Pencil in Clever (RRP £17.50)
Oh look, a product that I received in my Cohorted box last month... And I got it in the exact same shade! I'm gutted, I would have loved this in a different shade as I've already used the one I got last month quite a lot. As it is, this has been given away to my mum on the understanding she'll give me some money to buy myself something else from MAC instead. Everyone's a winner! I may already have my eye on one of the new Brooke Candy lipsticks...

I'm very impressed with this box. It's less money than Cohorted's box but the standard of the products is actually better!

Are you subscribed to Look Incredible? What do you think of this month's products?

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3 May 2016

April Empties.

Another month, another empties. I'm definitely getting into a routine when it comes to these posts! Every month I'm still surprised that I have enough products to actually do an empties.

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Ultra-Shine Daily Super Shampoo
This will always be my go to shampoo, it just smells so freaking good! I love Soap & Glory as a brand in general, they just can't do no wrong in my eyes. The scents, the packaging, they have it all. When it comes to body scrubs and shower gels, I have other brands I like to use as well as Soap & Glory but I will always remain faithful to this shampoo. I haven't tried any other shampoos in over a year just because I love this so much!

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Anti-Perspirant
The same as my February empties. I've been trying out another Nivea anti-perspirant as well as this one but it didn't match up to this one at all!

Lush Milky Bath Bubble Bar
I'm making it my mission to get through my Lush bath products before buying any more. This was the first time I'd used Milky Bath and I loved it. My skin felt super soft after my bath, I will definitely be buying another one.

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
I used the full bar on one bath, I should have used it over two as it created so many bubbles! I'm sad I won't be able to pick up another one of these anytime soon as this was a part of the Valentines range.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks
I got two of these in the February Cohorted box and I've only just used one. I'm definitely getting to the age where I'm noticing the fine lines around my eyes so these came in handy and I'm glad I have another one left to use. The masks felt nice and cooling against my skin and I could see an improvement after using them.

Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamon Day Cream & Night Cream
I bought these two creams at the same time so they ran out together too! I love Simple products. I suffer from sensitive skin so it is always a go to brand for me. These creams are so moisturising and thick, something I love as I have quite dry skin. The day cream also has SPF 15.

Have you tried any of these products? What have you used up in April?

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