14 April 2016

TK Maxx beauty haul.

During my visit to Liverpool, I made sure to check out the beauty section of TK Maxx. The selection of products was better than any I'd seen at my local TK Maxx, which is probably why I left with my purse £65 emptier.

So, seeing as I managed to pick up eight products in total, I thought I'd show you what I managed to get!

Nip + Fab Hyaluronic Fix Body Gel (RRP £7.99, paid £3.99)
This body gel is formulated with hyaluronic acid for intensive hydration, something I'm not going to say no. I can get quite dry skin at times so I'm looking forwards to giving this a try. I'm not crazy on the scent but if it works and gives me softer skin, it is something I'll be able to look past.

Bliss Fabulips Softening Lip Balm (RRP £12.50, paid £3.99)
So, as well as dry skin, my lips also suffer from dryness. The other lip balms I have don't do a great job so I decided to get this. I've been using it since I bought it and can honestly say that this is the best lip balm I've ever used.

The Balm Voyage vol. 2 palette (RRP £36, paid £16.99)
So, recently I've been looking at maybe subscribing to Look Incredible's deluxe box but I've decided to wait and see how consistent the quality of the boxes are. They seem great so far, and this palette that I picked up at TK Maxx is also a product in this month's deluxe box. So I'm glad I hadn't subscribed. Maybe next month? We'll see. I'm going to hold out to see what May's box is like.
Anyway, this palette... Isn't it stunning?! You get 9 eyeshadows, a luminizer, a bronzer, 2 blushers and 2 lip & cheek stains. The fold down bit on the bottom even gives 4 combinations of the best looks. And as always with The Balm, the packaging is adorable.

Cargo California Throwback 3-in-1 Magnetic Palette (paid £4.99)

This bargain was only £4.99. I can't seem to find any info on this palette or the RRP so I'm assuming it wasn't around long before being discontinued? Who knows! But for less than a fiver, I'm not complaining! The palette itself contains 4 magnetic parts, which are designed to look like polaroids. Cute! You get 4 eyeshadows, 1 blusher, 1 swimmables bronzer and 4 lip glosses. Definitely worth the money.

Lancome Hypnose Star Waterproof Mascara (RRP £23.50, paid £16.99)
When it comes to makeup, I've never been much of a mascara girl. I used it and tried different brands, but apart from making them look blacker, I never felt like I could see much difference. But in the last month or so, I've definitely branched out with the mascara I've been using. I bought the Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama and I LOVE it, so I'd thought I'd try out some more mascaras and really get out of my comfort zone! I've only worn this Lancome mascara once so far but I really like the effect it had on my lashes.

Cargo Better Than Waterproof Mascara (RRP £14, paid £4.99)
The box claims that this doesn't melt, smudge or run but can be removed easily with warm water and gentle pressure. I haven't tried it yet so we'll see. Reviews online seemed to be quite mixed with this mascara but I'm going to give it a go and see how I like it.

Cargo Oil Free Foundation in 10 (RRP £22, paid £3.99)
Yep, another Cargo product!
"This lightweight, oil-free yet ultra hydrating foundation blends beautifully to a silky finish. The versatile formula is buildable for medium to full coverage."
I picked this up in the lightest shade and I'm excited to try it out. Reviews online seem good so fingers crossed I get on well with this, especially for £3.99! I'm not thrilled with the packaging... For a high end brand, it seems a little... cheap. But it will be handy for putting in a travel make up bag.

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Cool Radiance Highlighter in 01 First Mate (RRP £25, paid £9.99)
I've definitely been getting into highlighters a lot more recently so didn't hesitate to grab this when I saw it... The nautical themed packaging may have swayed me towards getting it too! It's very shimmery and has quite a few big chunks of glitter in it, so honestly, I'm not too sure how well I'm going to like this when I get round to trying it. This may have to be saved for nights out, when I don't want my highlight to be quite so subtle.

So that's what I got from TK Maxx. What do you think of these products? Have you tried any of these?

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  1. I always love browsing through TK Maxx, I got a gorgeous Elizabeth Arden bronzer the other day!! Loved this post, Steph xo


  2. Hey! I did a full review on the Cargo California Throwback 3-in-1 Magnetic Palette a few months ago if you wanted to have a look: