15 April 2016

Cohorted box, April 2016.

As you may remember from last month's post, I was a bit underwhelmed with Cohorted's March box. Then they revealed the sneak peak for April, a sneak peak that definitely excited me. I had high hopes for April's box, I really did. When I got it, the top wasn't even flat, it seemed to be that full.

Oh yes, this is going to be a great box, I thought. Then I opened it. Underwhelmed doesn't even cover it. I cancelled my subscription after getting this box, obviously I'll still be getting May's box as I've already paid for that. Instead I've hopped onto the Look Incredible band wagon, who are definitely doing a better job with their boxes than cohorted right now. They currently offer two different boxes; a standard one at £18.99 + £2.50 postage and a deluxe box which is the same price as the cohorted box. I'll just mention that their deluxe box this month included products by The Balm, Estee Lauder, Benefit and Bare Minerals. Just keep those brands in mind and compare them to the brands that were included in this month's cohorted box...

Gold Elements Nail Care Kit. Includes hand & nail cream, cuticle oil, nail file and a buffing block. (RRP £29.49)
This seems to be the reason why the box was so full. 4 products in 1! However, this is something I'm not excited about at all. It just makes me think of a gift set I'd get at christmas, never use and eventually end up giving away. I'll be passing this onto my mum who will definitely get some use out of this. Gold Elements is a brand I've never heard of, I think it's an american brand? Cohorted have listed this with an RRP of almost £30, but you can get this on amazon for £20.

Miss Patisserie Bath Melt in Milk & Honey (RRP £3.99)
This is a nice product with a beautiful scent. Even the packaging is pretty. They'd made nice little presents too. But cohorted advertise themselves as a luxury box and this product is something I would expect to see in Birchbox or Glossybox, not a box with a £35 pricetag! Still, this is something I will use and maybe look into Miss Patisserie more to see what other products they do.

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine EDT Perfume 100ml (RRP £24)
Soooo... The Body Shop? I'm not sure how Cohorted can class the Body Shop as a high end brand. The booklet included in the box says this should be 100ml, yet everyone got a 60ml bottle. Great job. It's a nice scent, I've already worn it a lot in the week since receiving the box, but I'll just repeat my issues with this product. It's a high street brand and it's the wrong size.

MDM Flow Lipstick in Panther (RRP £18)
This is a new brand cohorted are apparently and there's a code inside the booklet (mdm10) which you can use to get 10% off all MDM Flow lipsticks on the cohorted website. Again, this is a product that doesn't match the booklet. The Booklet talks about a shade called Milkshake yet it seems every subscriber received this pink shade. I actually prefer this shade to the one in the booklet, but this is just another example of products being different to the description in the booklet. This is an issue Cohorted really need to sort out. I'm not keen on the rose scent of this.

L-R: MDM Flow Panther, MAC Clever.

MAC Patent Polish Lip Pencil in Clever (RRP £17.50)
This was the sneak peak for the box that gave me such high hopes. This is without a doubt the best product in the box, it's no wonder they used it as the sneak peak! It has that iconic MAC vanilla scent and it's a perfect nude colour. I've worn it a couple of time so far and I already love it.

So that's it, one cancelled subscription. I've only had four boxes, yet there has been different issues with each one. January's box was late and was missing the booklet. February's box had the Pixi combo crayon missing. March had repeat products that Cohorted had included in a box towards the end of last year. And this month the products didn't match the description. I know other people have cancelled their subscription too this month after also being unimpressed with this box. It seems like Cohorted started off so well yet they couldn't seem to keep up with the standard they'd originally set.

Have you had this month's cohorted box? What did you think?

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