14 April 2016

A very Titanic themed city break in Liverpool.

At the start of April, the other half and I took a little trip to Liverpool for a city break. We stayed in the Titanic Hotel which is located next to Stanley Dock. I always have the job of picking where we stay, being as I'm a "massive hotel snob." His words, not mine!

Originally I'd looked at 30 James Street, which declares itself as the home of Titanic. And yes, this post is going to mention Titanic a lot! It's something I'm fascinated by and I have a permanent reminder of it on my arm. Anyway, 30 James street is a new-ish hotel which actually resides in the old White Star Line building, something that made me very excited about staying there. Unfortunately there were no rooms available on the dates we wanted, so we instead opted for the Titanic Hotel.

My favourite thing about the hotel were all the canvas prints throughout that were dedicated to Titanic and the White Star Line. This deck plan one particularly pleased me and I spent a good while looking at all the details.

The hotel also has a spa, located below the ground floor. The spa was something we didn't get round to but is open to guests and the public to use. We did however, make use of the bath in our room. We popped into Lush on one of our days there to pick up a bath bomb specially.

The hotel has it's own restaurant, Stanley's Bar & Grill, as well as The Rum Bar. The Rum Bar also serves food and specializes in, what do you know, rum. Afternoon tea is also available. We went out to eat in the evenings, making the most of visiting a couple of chain restaurants that we don't have at home, like Jamie's Italian and Red's True Barbecue. We had room service on our last night there and if the quality of that is anything to go by, then the hotel restaurant would definitely be worth a visit.

The Merseyside Maritime Museum was a must visit on our break, having a whole area dedicated to Titanic. Entrance to the museum is free, with an option to donate money towards the museum itself. The museum was my favourite part of the trip and it has made me look forward to our Belfast trip next year even more.

I was mesmerised by the items that were found in the debris field of the Titanic wreck. To think that these items were on the actual ship and went down with her as she sank, it felt a little haunting being just on the other side of the glass from them.

I would definitely recommend looking into staying at the Titanic hotel if you're planning a visit to Liverpool, it's one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in. You can click here to find out more information about the hotel and spa.

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