10 March 2016

Cohorted box, March 2016.

It's cohorted time again! By the time I'd opened my box, I'd already seen what was included online as some people received their boxes the day before. Maybe that added to why I felt disappointed with this month's box as I do enjoy the element of surprise! So this is my third Cohorted box but it's the first one I've felt underwhelmed by. I'll explain why as we go through the products.

One thing I do like, is that Cohorted have changed the packaging. Not the black box, that is the same beautiful black box as always, but the delivery box that the black box comes in. Before it was just your standard brown box, but now they've upped that to their own Cohorted branded ones!

Pixi Crayon Combo in Supernatural. (RRP £14.50)
You may recognise this as the elusive product that should've been included in February's box but got replaced with the Dove true tone. I haven't used anything by Pixi before but I have heard good things about the brand... I'm just not that excited by this product. I'll be keeping it but I don't see it as something I'll be reaching for often.

BareMinerals Heavenly Face Brush (RRP £25)
To be fair, this is a nice brush and I will use it, I just would have preferred to have another make up product rather than a brush. That's all I can say about that!

Nails Inc polish in Cadogan Square (RRP £9)
I'm not really a nail polish girl, I just don't have the patience most of the time. When I can actually be bothered to do them, I have my favourite polishes already and this won't be added to them! I'm not a fan of the colour and I just expected a bit more from this box than a £9 nail polish. I also read on another blog that this is the old Nails Inc packaging that was discontinued... So the the nail polish itself must be pretty old.

TheBalm Nude 'Tude Eyeshadow Palette (RRP £35) & TheBalm Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer (RRP £5)
The eyeshadow palette is the saving grace of this box for me, so that's something at least. The packaging is adorable and I'll definitely be making the most of finally getting my hands on the palette. Cohorted have listed the RRP as £35 but that's clearly wrong as you buy this from The Balm section in Superdrug for £30. They've also listed the Primer as a product by itself yet I know that you can get this sample size included when you buy the palette. It just feels like a cop out to list them as individual products when they could have added another product to this month's box to pad it out.

Overall, I'm disappointed by this month's box, especially for the £35 price tag. I expected more for my money considering that this is one of the priciest beauty boxes on the market. Hopefully Cohorted step their game up for next month, especially now that Look Incredible have introduced their deluxe box for the same price as this box.

What did you think to this month's box?

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  1. This looks lovely, i've been looking into getting TheBalm nude tude palette, how are you getting on with it? :) x