20 February 2016

Mini Lush Haul, February 2016.

My addiction to Lush only started around summertime last year, I was definitely late to the party! I'd had a few things as presents before but I'd never been to check out the products in store myself. Even now, when my love for Lush has grown, there are still loads of products I've yet to try as my purchases haven't really strayed from bath bombs and bubble bars, give or take a couple of products.

I'd bought a Lover Lamp bath bomb recently and loved it so much, I felt that I needed to buy another while I still could. This led to placing an order online as I wouldn't be heading into town anytime soon. I had a little browse and decided to add a few other things to my order while I was at it. So let's take a look at what I picked up!

The reason I placed an order in the first place, the Lover Lamp bath bomb. One of the Valentines products, this smells amazing. Granted it isn't the most colourful of bath bombs but the butter hearts that escape from this totally make up for it. There's even little ones inside as well as the big ones you can see before you pop it into the bath!

My first ever purchase of a Lush kitchen product, this is the Heart Throb bubbleroon. According to the website, the ingredients in this include heady ylang ylang, frangipani and skin-softening organic shea butter. I'm  definitely thankful for the website description as my ability to pick out different scents is pretty much non existent!

This smells good enough to eat, but I wouldn't recommend it! I'd heard lots about this product on plenty of other blogs and decided I needed this in my life. I have sensitive skin when it comes to shaving and am guilty of getting unsightly red bumps on my legs afterwards. I'm hoping this products helps with that problem and leaves my skin softer to boot!

I also picked up two small bottles of shower gels. I'd smelt both last time I went into the Leicester store and loved them. Don't Rain On My Parade includes blueberry juice, vanilla pod infusion and violet leaf infusion. I was surprised about the blueberry juice as I'm not big fan of blueberries but I really do love the smell of this!

The Yummy Mummy shower cream is one of the Mothers Day products and is my favourite out of the two I got. Depending on how quickly I make it through this bottle, I may have to get another. You don't have to be a yummy mummy yourself to appreciate this shower cream! I'd knew I'd love this before I'd even smelt it, when the words "tonka absolute" caught my eye.

I'm excited to try both of these products as I'm still a Lush shower gel/cream virgin. My beloved Soap & Glory Clean On Me is going to have to take a backseat to these beauties for a while!

Have you tried any of these Lush products? 
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