4 February 2016

Favourite Drugstore Foundations For Pale Skin

If you have a fair complexion, you probably know how difficult it can be to find a foundation that matches your skin tone completely. In my teens, I felt like I was always wearing foundation that was at least two shades darker than what I should've been. At long last, in my very late twenties, I've settled with five foundations that I'm very happy with and they're all very affordable. These are my favourite foundations, that I rotate through pretty regularly.

Rimmel Match Perfection SPF20 in Light PorcelainMy go to foundation, the one that probably gets used the most. Rimmel have outdone themselves on the shade range in their foundations. Light Porcelain is the lightest shade and like the name, it is definitely a perfect match! I'm also a big fan of the Match Perfection concealer too.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation in Light Porcelain
I originally bought this in the shade Ivory, thinking it was the lightest shade as Tesco doesn't stock all the shades in the range. It was only after a trip to Superdrug that I realized my mistake. This one is in the same shade as my Match Perfection foundation but this offers more of glow to the skin. I got up at 4:30am three days of the week so any foundation that promises to wake me up was bound to end up in my makeup collection eventually.

Sleek Makeup Bare Skin Foundation in Shell
I tend to reach for this foundation when I feel like my skin is having a 'good' day, isn't looking too blotchy and I don't need as much coverage. Shockingly for me, this isn't the lightest shade, I think there are about four or so which are lighter than this one. Unfortunately a quick check on the Sleek website has left me in fear that they no longer make this, as the only foundation listed is the powder to creme foundation. Please tell me it isn't so! On the bright side, you can still buy this from amazon, so I may have to pick up another from there while I still can!

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF15 in 04
The most expensive out of all the foundations but still only priced at £13. This is described as ideal for normal to dry skin, and I tend to save this foundation for when my skin is feeling more dry, especially around my nose. I've been really impressed with this foundation \and want to try more of The Body Shop's makeup range, especially the Fresh Nude Foundation.

Makeup Academy Undress Your skin Illuminating Foundation in Porcelain
A spontaneous purchase during a browse on the Makeup Academy website, I have come to LOVE this foundation. I picked this up for £4 last summer and it sat unused in my makeup collection until October. I'll hold my hands up and admit that I only bought it to use as a travel foundation, as the squeezy tube is much more ideal than the bottles with pumps. I hadn't expected a lot from foundation, what with such a small price tag, but the surprise I felt was very welcome. The coverage of this is insane, I can't recommend it enough. If you haven't tried this foundation yet, definitely pick it up next time you're in superdrug. You can also get it from the Makeup Academy website for only £3 at the moment.
... And you get 5ml more in this than all the other four foundations!

What's your favourite drugstore foundation at the moment?

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